President's Messages

Each month the President of The Tarheel Travelers writes a column for the newsletter providing a summary of the month's general meeting and other items of interest to the membership.


The full text of the most recent President's Message is available in a PDF version below.

Out & About - Monthly President's Message - news & notes from the meeting; what went down and what is going on

Welcome to  To our current members please note the updating of pictures and content which will continue for some time.  We will be adding a members only section that will contain GPS files and other information that will have restricted access for members.  To those visiting us for the first time, welcome!  Take a look around and get a feel for the club.  Also take a moment and visit the Facebook page.  Joining the Facebook page does not constitute membership in the club, however.  Membership requires a minor amount of paperwork and at least $10 for the email version of the monthly newsletter.  We are currently working out a way to limit the access to the facebook page to a certain number of months for those that haven’t joined the Club.  We hope you will look around and maybe even join us for a monthly meeting before deciding to join.

The riding season is in full swing and it is starting to warm up so keep the machines in tip-top shape, drink plenty of water and be safe out there.  I hope to see you on the road!