President's Messages

Each month the President of The Tarheel Travelers writes a column for the newsletter providing a summary of the month's general meeting and other items of interest to the membership.


The full text of the most recent President's Message is available in a PDF version below.

Out & About - Monthly President's Message - news & notes from the meeting; what went down and what is going on

Welcome to  

Happy New Year, Travelers!

I'm looking forward to a great New Year with all of our Members. Over the past year, the Club has made positive strides in managing our Facebook Page and has continued out traditional meetings and Rides.

I would like to encourage you assist me to organize monthly Destination Rides. (Frankly, I seem to have a mental block when it comes to Base Camp, though I have a route for a future trip to Winston Salem/Old Salem set up.)

John Moore has mentioned a mountain trip this year instead of another Outer Banks Run. He is also setting up some breakfast meets for retirees and others.

I would also like to add a Spring Camp Out in May and continue the Fall Camp Out in September.

Please bring your score cards for the Annual Mileage Awards at the January Meeting (or send me an email).

The next Major Event is the Coffee Stop

Don't forget to renew your Membership and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Rick Guptill
So, be careful out there!