About The Tarheel Travelers

The Club motto: Eat to Ride, Ride to Eat

The BMW Tarheel Travelers Motorcycle Club was established in 1974 by a group of motorcyclists that just purchased their BMW's and wanted to share good times and experiences with others with the same interest. We are an official BMW Motorcycle club registered with the  BMW Motorcycle Owners of America as Charter Club #57 and with the BMW Riders Association as Charter Club #34.  Although we are primarily a BMW club, you do not have to own a BMW to be a member.


The BMW-NC Traheel Travelers is a non-profit BMW motorcycle club serving the central and eastern areas of North Carolina.  Our purpose is to enjoy riding BMW motorcycles and to create fellowship among all BMW and other motorcycle riders and the non-riding public.   


Our membership is drawn mainly from the central and eastern parts of the state of North Carolina, but we do have some members in neighboring states and across the country. No matter what kind of BMW you ride, the BMW-NC Tarheel Travelers is dedicated to the further enjoyment of your BMW motorcycle.

Our Events