Riding Guidelines

By participating in Tarheel Traveler events, you are agreeing to the following:

The BMW-NC Tarheel Travelers is a non-profit organization operating with the sole purpose of promoting good, clean, and safe riding activities. Each member and guests participates in activities solely by choice and participation itself relinquishes any responsibility of the club as an organization for any and all liabilities resulting in participation in any club related activity. All activities and events must comply with any and all state or local laws and ordinances. Any personal injury or property damage resulting during a club activity, or at any time, becomes the responsibility of the individual parties involved, and at no time shall the BMW-NC Tarheel Travelers, its founders, officers or members be held liable. By voluntarily participating in the club's motorcycle riding club events, you are acknowledging that participating in these events is inherently dangerous and may result in death, damage, loss or injury to person and property and that you understand and accept these dangers and risks.

Group Riding Guidelines

The following are un-official Rules of the Road that the Tarheel Travelers use on their club rides and recommmend for all group riding situations.


  • Start each day ready to ride. Riders are expected to arrive on time at the departure point in proper attire for the conditions, gas tanks full, and physically ready to ride.

  • Ride in a staggered formation (when the roads allow it) with a minimum of two seconds between you and the rider in front of you.

  • It is best to keep in order unless the rider in front of you waves you by.  If you must pass another bike, do so carefully, giving them plenty of room and never pass them in their own lane.  If you are holding up the guys behind you, wave them by, don't just try to go faster.

  • Each rider "owns" the full width of the lane that they are in. Do not pull up next to anyone in their lane while they are moving... even moving very slowly.  Pulling away from stop sign and lights is done in the same order as was pulling up to the stop, unless you have gotten the nod from another rider to leave in front of him.

  • You are responsible for the (one) rider behind you making each turn.  When turning at an intersection in the route, use your turn signal.  The person behind you will see yours and turn theirs on.  It is your responsibility to be sure that the rider behind you makes the correct turn. Be prepared to wait in a visible spot in case they are held up behind you.

  • Ride within your own limits.  If you get left behind, be assured that at the next turn you will catch up with the rider in front of you. Also, the leader will halt every now and then to gather the group back together.

  • If there is an accident or mechanical problem, someone stays with the affected rider. 

  • A group of motorcycles is not considered a "single" vehicle.  Be courteous and allow cars to enter/exit a highway or change lanes. Make sure you let the riders behind you know what is going on (this also applies to other hazards, as well).  We do not own the road.  Be considerate of other vehicles.  Give them space.

  • If you see something in the road, point it out to the bike behind you by pointing at it with your right/left foot.