North Carolina 4 Corners Tour

Thanks to Leah Simon for leading the effort to get this event organized and Gary "Gadget" Shimizu for sorting out GPS coordinates.  Rumor has it, he hacked into the NSA Super Computer and obtained the coordinates. 


This tour is designed for the pleasure and excitement of finding new ways to explore the great state of North Carolina's roadways.  During this tour, you'll get to see everything from the mountains to the shorelines and all that's in between.  It will provide an excuse to ride over some of the most scenic byways in the Eastern Unites States.  The tour offers levels of challenge that can be determined by the rider.  It's your choice if you choose the highways or back roads or a combination of each, to reach each of the four corner destinations.  Your choice of the roads you take and the order you take them.  But with over 1400 total miles to cover, we thing you'll enjoy the ride!


The NC 4 Corners Tour is for TT Members in good standing.  


All members completing the tour will be recognized at the January meeting along with the Mileage and Participation Award winners and presented with a commemorative 4 Corners Pin.


Registration Requirements

4 Corners Waiver
Complete and mail to Prez - before starting your tour.
4 Corners Waiver.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [22.9 KB]

Print, sign the "4 Corners Waiver" and to save postage hand over to Prez at a meeting or mail:



Prez John Moore

5026 Myrtle Oak Dr

Cary NC 27519


Rules - Guidelines - Instructions

1.  Take a photograph of each of the 4 Corners + Spivey's Corner!  (extra credit if you go there during the Hollerin Contest).  All photos must show your bike and the reference pint in a clear view.  Submit the photographs (digital file or print) and record of completion.  You and your bike would be nice, not necessary.  Items submitted for record of completion might not be returned to sender.


2.  There is NO FEE for participation, to TT members - sorry, must be a member in good standing to join the tour.  Just like the Coffee Stop - FREE is FREE!


3.  There is NO TIME LIMIT for completion of the tour.  You can take as long as you'd like, remember the January Meeting is when finishers will be recognized, you must finsh inorder to be recognized as a finisher.


4.  The BMW-NC Tarheel Travelers officers alone will determine satisfactory completion in the event of any lost or missing documentation.

4 Corner + Spivey's Corner - location guide

4 Corner Locations
Document contains the locations for the tour.
4 Corners Locations.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [39.4 KB]

Completion Form

4 Corners Completion Form
When your finished, bring to a meeting or mail to Prez.
4 Corners Completion.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [26.9 KB]