Oil Head Valve Adjustment

June 2008

by Pete Osta

It has been too quiet around here so below you will find a procedure for doing a valve adjustment on oil-heads since I know some of you want this info. Anyone that thinks there are errors please speak up. From memory the valves are .006 intake and .012 exhaust. The correct numbers for your particular bike are on a sticker under the seat.  Tools needed are: feeler gauge, 10 mm open or box wrench, set of allen wrenches, oil drip pan, rags, newer oil-heads will also need Torx bits to remove valve covers.  Engine needs to be cold!


1. Put bike on center stand


2. Remove spark plug cover from both sides


3. Remove spark plugs


4. Place oil drip pan under valve cover to be removed. Remove valve cover. Small amount of oil will end in drip pan. Repeat for other side.


5. Put bike in top gear.


6. Place a long allen wrench in one of the spark plug holes.


7. Rotate rear wheel until the allen wrench stops being pushed out of the cylinder. That piston is now at top dead center and valves can be adjusted.


8. We'll do intake first which are the two toward the back of the bike. Put a .006 inch feeler gauge between the rocker arm and the shaft it pushes on. It should feel snug. Try a .007, it should not fit at all. If you have trouble getting the .006 to fit using the
10 mm wrench loosen the nut that locks the adjuster then use the correct size allen wrench until the feeler gauge fits. Tighten lock nut. Repeat for the other intake valve.


9. Exhaust valves are done the same way except the feeler gauge is .012 should fit and .013 should not.


10. Once the 4 valves on one side are done put the allen wrench from that cylinder into the other cylinder.


11. Rotate rear wheel until allen wrench stops being pushed out.


12. Adjust valves on that side as above.


13. With a clean rag wipe valve cover gasket dry and the surfaces it mates to.


14. Put all removed parts back on, you're done.