Via Point Timing Instructions

November 2008

MapSource to Text to Excel

Mapsource Directions Tab:

• Select ALL and then COPY the Directions/Name listings.

Using Notepad application:

• Paste the Directions/Name content into new Notepad file.

• Save file.


Open a new Excel file:

• Use Data/Import External Data/Import Data

• Select text file saved from previous step.

• Use Text Import Wizard to get something like the image below.

Excel application:

• Delete the columns shaded below.

Excel application:

• Create column labels for remaining data.

• Highlight column E and Format/Cells/Time/13:30:55/

• Set estimated start time for first leg as 10:00:00.

• Add legs and times for rest, gas, food stops if desired.

• Enter formula as shown and copy to all legs.

• Print and/or Save the file for tank bag.