Installing Electrical Accessories

January 2009

by Jim Morrison

When I bought my K1200S, I wanted to wire in a GPS, Radar Detector, Autocom and Bike-to-Bike radio.  I wanted switched power via a relay for some of it and always-on for the GPS.  I discovered a supplier of motorcycle electric products and accessories, including fuse panels, sockets, plugs, terminals, adaptors, tools, and much more.  Eastern Beaver Company  It is run out of Japan by Jim Davis, a motorcycle enthusiast and photographer.  I have ordered many things from him and his prices are very good with excellent service.  The shipping from Japan is fast and cheap.  Most orders go out the same day and take about one week. He takes additional care by only selling the best stuff and it shows.  Even his heat shrink tubing is the best I have ever used!


He will make custom harnesses including battery hookups, relays, fuses and sturdy sheaths. A good example of some of his offerings are here:


I really can not say enough good things about Eastern Beaver.  If you need anything in this area, I would highly recommend him.  Take some time to look around his sight.  There are tutorials, wiring diagrams, BMW tech articles, trip reports and much more.