The Tarheel Travelers Technical Tips and Other Information

The Tarheel Traveler members are a curious bunch, always wanting to know how and why things work.  And getting their hands dirty doing maintenance and repair on their own bikes.  We hope you will find these tips useful .


Fun with MapSource January 2009 by Marc Krouse


Electrical Accessories January 2009 by Jim Morrison


Oil Head Valve Adjustment June 2008 by Pete Osta


How to Split a Garmin 276c Case June 2009 by Brian Young


Penetrating Fluid Test July 2009 by Jim Morrison


R1100R Clutch Fix December 2008 by Marc Krouse


When You Update Garmin Maps July 2008 by Jim Morrison


All the Gear All the Time October 2008 by Michael Stock


MapSource Timing Instructions November 2008 by Marc Krouse