BMW-NC Tarheel Travelers Advertising Policy

The BMW-NC Tarheel Travelers Newsletter “The Tarheel Traveler” will accept unpaid and paid advertising under the following policy:


The BMW-NC Tarheel Travelers reserve the right to decline any submitted advertising or to discontinue at any time, and for any reason, any advertising previously accepted. If The BMW-NC Tarheel Travelers discontinue advertising before the end of a paid contract term, it will notify the advertiser promptly of the action and will provide the advertiser with the reason for rejecting its advertising and issue a refund to the advertiser for all ads that will not be run.

The BMW-NC Tarheel Travelers do not guarantee any given level of circulation or readership and make no representations as to the quality of products or services advertised in its newsletter. The newsletter editor retains the exclusive right to determine the placement and method of display of paid and unpaid advertising.

Unpaid Advertising

The Tarheel Traveler will run ads for members in good standing free of charge in two categories: Classified Ads and Business Ads. Classified ads are for merchandise for sale, owned by the member, run for limited periods of time until the item(s) sells. Business ads are for merchandise or services, generally run for extended periods of time. To qualify for unpaid business ads, the business must be owned by the member, be related to the charter and/or activities of the club and the ad must provide some service to the club membership (e.g. knowledge of a source of service or parts, discounts, etc.)

Unpaid ads are run on a space available basis as determined solely by the newsletter editor and shall not exceed the size of 1/8 page.


Paid Advertising Rates

The Tarheel Traveler will accept paid ads from businesses in areas related to the club's charter and activities. The ads may be for merchandise or services and will run for fixed periods of time. Payment must be received in full for all ads in advance (for a minimum of three ads) before an ad is printed.


     Size                 Dimensions             Price per Issue

 Full page                7" x 9.5"                            $60

 1/2 page                7" x 4.75"                           $30

 1/4 page              3.5" x 4.75"                          $20

 1/8 page              3.5" x 2.25"                          $15

Minimum Run

There will be a minimum of a three month commitment needed from all paid advertisers. The ads will run consecutively.


Payment must be received in full (for a minimum of three ads) in US dollars before an ad is printed. Checks or money orders from outside the US or Canada must be drawn on a US Bank. Full payment must be received for all ads in advance.


Artwork must be received by the editor no later the 10th of the month proceeding the month in which the ad is to be published. For example, an ad received by February 10 will be published in the March issue.

Ad Format

Ads must be emailed to the editor. Use of common graphics formats and PDF's are acceptable, but they will be accepted at the editor's discretion.