Tarheel Travelers Annual Coffee Stop

Saturday March 7, 2020  -  HISTORY - NO MORE COFFEE :(

COFFEE-SAFETY BREAK HISTORY: Since 1976, our club has conducted this Annual Coffee-Safety Break on I-95. The original intent was to promote the positive side of the motorcycling hobby and to give assistance to southbound travelers on the weekend before the Daytona Motorcycle races, also known as Bike Week. This annual event has become an important part of our club activities and numerous travelers have made return stops each year. In the early years of our Coffee-Safety Break, donations were accepted to assist in operating expenses. This practice was dropped, as our club became capable of covering the operating expense. The appreciation expressed by the travelers we serve, is full payment for our work.

We do make a new pot of coffee each year.


Normal Hours of Operation

7:30am - arrive and set-up

8:00am - ready to serve first cup

LUNCH TIME - Pitch In Pot Luck - good eats,

4 or 4:30 pm - breakdown and depart

Saturday Dinner

All weather is coffee weather.



Daytona Bike Week 2021                                                      (March 5 - 14, 2021 - or when you get there till you leave)